Thursday, March 15, 2012



1.Tattoo Gun (Produced By Itz60)
2.OK! Ft.Kleva
3.Lights Off - Kleva Ft.Gizzy Gotcha
4.Nobody - Itz60
5.Salute The Trap (Produced By Itz60)
6.Gumby - Itz60 (Produced By Itz60)
7.Chronic Lighter Ft.Kleva
8.Ozone Ft.Kleva & Marc Vee
9.New New - Lyfe Gang Ft.Itz60 & Gizzy Gotcha
10.Stay Up Ft.Kleva
11.Ridin Around - Jabrill (of The Marsionz) Ft.Itz60 & Gizzy Gotcha
12.Storytellin - Gizzy Gotcha (Produced by Itz60)
13.On A Bitch Ft.Blizzi Boi
14.The 5th - Itz60 (Produced By CFM)
15.My Victory Ft.Kleva
16.Who I Am Ft.Another Phase
17.Make It With You (Produced By Legend Beats)
18.Somebody I Used To Know Ft.Kleva
19.Its Nuthin - Kleva Ft.Gizzy Gotcha
20.Toothpick (Produced By 3HEADEDMONSTABEATZ)
21.I'm Me - Itz60
22.How U Do It Ft.Kleva
23.Stack Hundreds Ft.Young Franco & Young Too Real
24.Gold Cutz Ft.Another Phase & D Millz
25.The Revelation Ft.Kleva

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