Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hip-Hop & Sprite

Good Lookin Out To Prize Beatz On This Mixtape..

Hip-Hop & Sprite (2009)

1. Real Talk(Hip-Hop & Sprite)
2. Swag So Official
3. Prize Beatz(Freestyle)
4. Weird Hip-Hop(Freestyle)
5. Rain Or Shine
6. Exotic
7. Be Mine Ft.Sweezy
8. Overtime
9. Switch My Style
10. Mellow Man(Freestyle)
11. I Go Hard(Freestyle)
12. Fuck My Ex
13. Hungry For Beats(Freestyle)
14. Im Gonna(Eat This Track)

[All Tracks Produced By Prize Beatz]

Whole Mixtape Link HERE..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tales From Tha Lab 5

Good Lookin Out To Sweezy On This Mixtape..

Tales From Tha Lab 5 (2009)

1. Intro
2. Still Fly
3. Mo Ice Ft.Playboy
4. Addicted To Her
5. Heat Up
6. Do It Better
7. For A Favor
8. This Is How It Work(Remix)
9. Go For It
10. Be Mine (Produced By Prize Beatz)
11. Lets Get Closer
12. I Hate Rappers Ft.Playboy
13. Having Someone Ft.E$k4y (Produced By E$k4Y!)
14. Outro(Her Name Is Hip-Hop)

Whole Mixtape Link HERE..

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tales From Tha Lab 4

This Mixtape Slapppppsssss...Good Lookin Out To Double A For Doin This Mixtape..

Tales From Tha Lab 4 (2009)

1.Im Back
2.You Love Me I Love Money Ft.60
3.Ughh Ft.Rob Peez
4.I Got It
5.So High Ft.Neutron
7.Booty Clap
8.Fuck With Me
9.I Am Legend
10.When Tragedy Strikes
11.Trust No Hoe Ft.60 & Tre-Breed
12.Go Hard Ft.Moki
13.Get It Hoe Ft.Rob Peez, 60 & Problum Child
14.We Eatin Ft.Problum Child & 60
15.My Homie Ft.G-Everythang